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(1) production equipment
The melting and casting workshop is equipped with two 25 ton, two ton gas-fired aluminium melting furnace sets and a 10 ton resistance type aluminium melting furnace set;
Adopt SNIF, Alpure, Mitsui online degassing filtration system.
The forging workshop is equipped with 3 units of 5000 tons, 2500 tons and 1600 tons, 1 isothermal forging press and two free forging presses. The isothermal die forging press has the characteristics of controllable forging speed and displacement accuracy, especially the super low speed control capability of the slider speed 0.005mm/s can meet the requirements of the forming of difficult to deform alloy forgings in the field of Aeronautics and astronautics.
Supporting quenching furnace, aging furnace, homogenizing furnace and heating furnace are all provided by domestic first-class heat treatment equipment manufacturers.
(2) testing equipment;
Inspection and testing equipment complete, iCAP7400 ICP spectrometer ARL3460 type photoelectric direct reading spectrometry has the United States produced by ThermoElectron Corporation and the American ThermoElectron Corporation, individual chemical element analysis precision can reach 1ppm level, can accurate measurement of chemical composition of alloy, effectively ensure the trace alloy range adjustment.
Equipped with 10t ton MTS universal testing machine imported from the United States, the mechanical properties of aluminum alloy can be accurately analyzed.
Equipped with OLYMPUS laboratory type GX51 metallographic microscope, the microstructure observation can be realized. Through the accurate identification of product defects, it can effectively ensure the accurate implementation of the metal material production process.

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