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(1) high strength and toughness aluminum alloy material
Produce 1XXX ~ 7XXX Aluminum Alloy round ingot, flat ingot and forging, high precision die forgings, with 2XXX and 7XXX as the representative of the alloy with high strength and toughness Aluminum Alloy material can meet the demand of high performance Aluminum Alloy materials to aerospace and military defense industry.
(2) the quality of high alloy ingot casting technology
With 10t, 20t, 25t international advanced aluminum casting production line, equipped with the most advanced hunger casting hydraulic system, using HD2000 furnace gas +SNIF online degassing, can effectively control the hydrogen content of less than or equal to 0.1ml/100gAl, with a variety of specifications adjustable flat ingot casting mould, mass production can be achieved 2XXX, 7XXX high alloying high quality ingot.
(3) precise isothermal die forging technology;
The first domestic precision isothermal forging technology, the forging products keep the temperature constant in the production process, compared with the traditional forging production process, product performance especially the strength and elongation index increased significantly.

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