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(1) industry chain cooperation
The company is located in Shandong city of Binzhou Province, in the domestic aluminum industry leading enterprises - Shandong Wei bridge venture group led by the district has formed an aluminum processing industry cluster scale, and Wei Qiao, BAIC (Binzhou), the formation of industrial chain collaboration good Yu airlines and other enterprises, through the social division of labor effectively to each other industry chain extension, competitive advantage and capacity to play better. Wei bridge as one of the company's investors, in the capital, raw materials, energy has also been fully supported.
The company actively carry out cooperation projects with Central South University, Inner Mongolia University of Science and Technology, Inner Mongolia University of Technology, Beijing Nonferrous Metal Research Institute and other research institutes to establish a good relationship of cooperation, common development is committed to high-end Aluminum Alloy materials.
(2) policy support
Binzhou municipal government focuses on planning and promoting the construction of 500 billion high-end aluminum industrial clusters, and building the development model of the whole industry chain of "aluminum ore - raw aluminum - aluminum processing - aluminum deep-processing products". As a representative of high-end aluminum processing enterprises, the company has been continuously as a key project in the city, and has been given the key recommendation and policy support by the Binzhou municipal government. In this context, the company's two phase of the project is expected to accelerate the start, so as to further enhance production capacity.

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