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Heading to aluminum industrial power to win the world certainly aluminium industry reform in China

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In recent years, with the rapid development of China's economy, China's aluminium industry has made fast progress, no matter from production to the technology, the various aspects all came to the world, become the world's largest aluminium producer and consumer. Therefore, the world aluminum industry has changed dramatically, and the pricing power of aluminum has shifted from developed to dominated by China.

On some time ago, the international aluminum industry overcapacity caused a lot of discussion and controversy, the aluminum industry in China is a have a negative impact on the world aluminum industry industry, some countries began to trade protectionism and the anti-dumping investigation on China and other activities, and even on some international aluminum industry, points out that China's aluminium industry overcapacity led to low prices.

Recently, the Chinese government to promote the reform of supply side structural gives priority to tone, with unprecedented strength, implemented a series of policies and measures, such as to capacity and rectification project of electrolytic aluminium violation, environmental regulation, expand the application of aluminum, the implementation of a period, the local government and aluminum enterprises in our country active response to the national call, strengthening industry self-discipline, innovation drive, the backward production capacity and orderly exit the market, strict enforcement of illegal rectification and production of the project, achieved positive results.

China nonferrous metals industry association Chen Quanxun on the 2017 China international aluminum weeks, according to benefit from the supply side of structural reforms in stimulating and aluminium consumption gradually increase in our country, expanded aluminum achievements in their application, since this year, prices increase significantly, the industry as a whole. The aluminum industry has eliminated the backward production capacity of 2.4 million tons, and encouraged the withdrawal of 5.66 million tons of low-competitive capacity to exit the market, effectively improving the market supply. For electrolytic aluminum, the production of illegal and illegal production capacity immediately closed down to 5.37 million tons, and the construction of illegal and illegal construction was suspended 6.19 million tons immediately, which effectively curbed the trend of the rapid growth of the new production capacity of electrolytic aluminum.

For China's aluminium industry recent frequent movement, China nonferrous metals industry association, vice President of literature army, said experts from many countries and representatives of enterprises on the supply side of the structural reform in our country said sure, put forward the improvement of the aluminium market this year and positive effort has a great affinity with China, "the reform of China's aluminium industry has earned the respect of the world".

International aluminum industry association secretary-general RON Kang Jianuo knapp, Russian aluminum joint company, respectively, the supply side of the China's structural reform in the world of its own, has a positive role on the world aluminum industry healthy development, and shows the influence on global aluminum industry in China. Their effect on China's reform has been positive.

Whether from market, industry or international, China's supply-side structural reform and recent policy measures have been positive and effective, and won the respect and recognition of the world.

At the same time, green environmental protection as the focus of the whole world, how to achieve the sustainable development of the industry is an eternal task pursued by all countries. Since this year, China has developed the work plan for the control of air pollution, winter shut down their production, as well as the environmental protection tax law will be implemented since 2018, a series of laws, regulations and policies, are the environmental governance and green development of aluminum industry in China has put forward the new requirements more stringent, also reflected the concept of green environmental protection development in our country.

The equipment technology level of China's aluminum industry has been continuously improved, and more efficient and large-scale equipment is put into use. The energy saving and emission reduction targets are gradually optimized, and the energy consumption of aluminum is greatly reduced. From 2012 to 2016, China's comprehensive energy consumption of alumina decreased from 583.2 kg of standard coal/ton to 382 kg of standard coal/ton, a decline of 34.5%. The total ac power consumption of aluminum ingots decreased from 13844 KWH/ton to 13599 KWH/t, and reduced 245 KWH/ton. Strengthening energy conservation and emission reduction and focusing on green environmental protection have become the consensus of industry development.

Structural reform on the supply side, China as the world's industrial powers, aluminum will no longer be "big" first, is gradually heading for aluminum industrial power, respect and affirmation by the world, the world is being powerful and the rise of China's aluminium industry.

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