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Hangqiao New Material (Binzhou) Science &Technology Co., Ltd.


Hangqiao New Material(Binzhou)Science & Technology Ltd. islocated in Development Zone of BinzhouCity, Shandong Province。Hangqiao adhere to the leadingtechnology development strategy, specializing in high-end products and highquality casting forging Aluminum Alloy R & D and production of Aluminum-Alloy products to meet the demand of high-end products AluminumAlloy in the automotive, aerospace, electronics, military and other fields.


Until now, the company covers an area of 100acres,including the workshops of 24000 square meters, office building, dormitoryand…






Hangqiao New Material (Binzhou) Science &Technology Co., Ltd.

Tel:0543-8176878 0543-8100766
Address:West of Bohai 24 th Road, South of Changjiang 6 th Road, Development Zone, Binzhou City,Shandong Province, 256600, P. R. China

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